IARP Code of Ethics, Standards of Practice and Competencies (click to view)

The International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (IARP) is committed to promoting ethical and professional rehabilitation services at all times. IARP recognizes that medical and vocational rehabilitation services are provided under a variety of international, federal, local, and state laws or administrative codes, and in a wide variety of private and public venues. However, certain practices are applicable in any rehabilitation setting. This document addresses nine areas of ethical practice followed by a Forensic Code of Ethics for IARP members who practice in a forensic setting.


Life Care Planning (IALCP) Scope and Standards of Practice (click to view)

The standards for life care planning are constantly evolving and are influenced by changes in various professions of life care planners and by external forces, such as accrediting bodies and courts of law.


Case Management and Vocational Rehabilitation Standards of Practice (click to view)

Vocational rehabilitation services are those vocational services provided directly to a client, the goal of which is to return a client to suitable gainful employment.

Professional Discounts

IARP operates a growing affinity program that provides discounted rates for services that IARP members use in their professional practices.  Here are some of IARP's current affinity partners.

AAACEUs has been a source of pre-approved CEUs since 2003 and is one of the first national online educational services to specialize in continuing education for certified healthcare professionals in the following areas (certifications):

Nursing - all states
Case Management - ACM, CCM, CPUR, CPUM, CPHM
Rehabilitation -- CRC, CDMS, CRRN
Vocational Experts - ABVE
Social Work - ASWB and California
Counseling - NBCC
Life Care Planning - CLCP And more!
The American Hospital Directory® provides data and statistics about more than 6,000 hospitals nationwide.® hospital information includes both public and private sources such as Medicare claims data, hospital cost reports, and commercial licensors. AHD® is not affiliated with the American Hospital Association (AHA) and is not a source for AHA Data.  AHD data are evidence-based and derived from the most authoritative sources.  IARP Members receive a 10% discount.

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Easy-to-use online search tool puts cost information at your fingertips.

This is a Special Offer for IARP Members Only

IARP is pleased to launch a new program to make healthcare cost information available to its members at discounted rates. IARP wants to make it as easy as possible for members to confidently develop plans based on reliable, robust geographically-specific information about future healthcare expenses.

That’s why we have teamed with FAIR Health, Inc., an independent, nonprofit maintaining the country’s largest, most trusted repository of privately billed medical and dental charge data to bring reliable cost information to your desktop—through a special, discounted licensing arrangement.

FAIR Health’s online tool and the data that support it are:

  • Convenient. Makes cost data accessible to you through an easy-to-use online tool—enabling you to quickly create a customized healthcare cost profile and resulting in considerable savings to you in both cost and time.
  • Flexible. Enables you to easily conduct a new cost search and update your plan whenever your client’s healthcare needs change.
  • Comprehensive. Offers charge data for professional and facility codes for medical-surgical, dental, anesthesia, inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory surgery center and HCPCS services (including ground and air ambulance services).
  • Representative. Features benchmark charges based on data from many of the nation’s largest health plans and payors that cover more than 150 million individuals.
  • Geographically specific. Provides granular local data for 493 three-digit zip regions nationwide.
  • Affordable. Flexible packages are available starting at just $385. Ask about bulk discounts.

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This program is only available to members of IARP.

SkillTRAN is the new home for software products familiar to many in the rehabilitation industry, including EZ-DOT, Job Browser Pro, and SkillTRAN Online Services for Transferable Skills Analysis, Local Labor Market Information, Business Listings for Job Search and Labor Market Survey, and Pre-Injury/Post-Injury Analysis. SkillTRAN is owned and operated by Jeff Truthan, the original product designer of most of the products at the now defunct CAPCO/JobQuest Corporation. Jeff is pleased to restore and rebuild these popular products and focus on the level of customer service and support you deserve. Job Browser Pro was recently endorsed by IARP as "high quality, reasonably priced, and beneficial to IARP members." Click here for more information about SkillTRAN products and services.