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IARP Coaching and Mentoring Programs

About the IARP Coaching Program

The student coaching program is a somewhat informal process that pairs a student or recent graduate with an established IARP member. The goal of the program is to allow a student or recent graduate the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and experience of the IARP professional while engaging in their career path.

The coaching process can take place via varied methods that include in person meetings, telephonically, or via e-mail. This can be determined by the coach and student/recent graduate. The coaching relationship is not intended to be a long term process, but one that provides the student/recent graduate with information and guidance that will help them in their career decision making process. It would be up to both parties to determine the length of the coaching process.

The process would be opened semi-annually prior to the completion of the semester, assuming there would be students preparing on graduating at these times. Matches will be made based on coach availability on a first come first served basis, if application is approved.

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About the IARP Mentoring Program

According to Russell and Nelson (2009), leadership and mentoring are lifelong activities. An essential part of being a leader is to serve as a mentor to fellow professionals. Mentoring is about developing people, with the objective of helping them achieve their potential. True leaders seize the opportunity to develop other people. Leaders see the big picture and understand that the future of the organization (IARP) or profession depends on today’s growth of tomorrow’s leaders.

Professional development is seen as a key service provided by IARP. A mentoring program dovetails with this key service area. IARP has a large, potential pool of experienced mentors. A for mentoring program will allow the experienced member to stay connected to the Association while attracting and developing new talent.

Mission Statement
The IARP mentoring program is designed to assist with skill development for proteges.  The program is open to all IARP members. The program is not meant to provide assistance in case-specific issues but rather is meant to enhance a protege's overall practice.

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